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The Bushman Excursion

The Ju/Hansi Bushmen are the oldest surviving culture in the world and they are known as hunters and gatherers. The knowledge of how to survive in harsh conditions in nature surpasses all our imagination. The understanding of the balance in nature and the environment comes from thousands of years of experience. The family bonds and closeness between the old, the adults and the children are extraordinary.


The Bushmen culture is on the brink of extinction due to many different reasons (civilisation, laws and regulation, loss of land and alcohol abuse to name a few). The knowledge of nature, medicine, hunting with a bow and poison and how to gather food will be lost if we don't take care to preserve this heritage. Knowledge that was passed on through thousands of generations is almost lost to us.

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The traditional way of life

Bush Walk

During the bush walk, you can learn about the San tribe as a community engaged in hunting and gathering in the old days. On this expedition full of ancient and valuable knowledge, you will learn which plants are edible, which should be avoided because they are poisonous, and which can be used for medicinal purposes. You will also learn the secrets of the ancient hunting style of which the Bushmen are masters.

Village Life

The Bushmen are a tribe living in villages full of small but cosy huts built from natural materials such as grasses and shrubs. Village life used to be, as it is today, centred around raising children, cooking and living extremely close to the community. The women made jewellery and other household items, while the male part of the tribe made bows and bowstrings for hunting, started fires without modern methods and made tools.

Medicine Dance

The Bushmen have an extremely extensive knowledge of the medical use of natural resources. To this day we still use this knowledge without even knowing it. However, like every other culture, they also have their own specific beliefs centred around curing the sick and other ailments and pains. The San tribe, being extremely dance-oriented and full of joy, have created their own medicine dance to help fight various diseases, also known as the elephant dance. The Bushmen also know the secrets of the rain-inducing dance.

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