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Fiume Bush Camp's Story

Get to Know Fiume Bush Camp

We invite you to go back to your roots and experience life in the Namibian bush. Here, we want you to experience the tranquility of nature and not be bothered by the stress of modern civilisation. Spread over a small Kalahari dune, the Bush Camp overlooks a pan in the middle of the bush. 



Our aim at Fiume Bush Camp is to preserve the Bushmen culture through tourism. It is a fact that ancient cultures are struggling to fit into modern civilisation and that with most cultures it is a losing struggle. Fiume Bush Camp gives four San families the opportunity to show guests who they used to be and that they are a proud, dignified people, proud of their own culture and heritage. We are an open living museum where guests get to experience the traditional Bushmen life.

My Story

My name is Jörn Gressmann

Africa, once an extremely unspoilt and fairytale-like land, attracted many foreigners eager for adventure and a different, more primitive way of life. It was the same with my family, which originate from Germany. I am the 3rd generation of my family who was born in Africa. I grew up on a farm, where I spent my days exploring the beautiful and wild nature of Africa alongside my San tribe peers. From them I learned the native language (Kung language) of the Bushmen, which I am still fluent in today. In my 10+ years as a tour guide, I have travelled the length and breadth of Africa and learned about its people. In 2016, I decided to settle down and set up Fiume Bush Camp to enable any lover of African culture to get to know more about the wonderful native tribe of southern Africa - the Khoi/San.


Our Story

A young family

In 2018, I made the decision to take part in the German edition of the programme “Farmer Wants a Wife” (“Bauer sucht Frau”). This is how I met my European-born wife. In 2021, our son Bruno Ragnar was born and now a daughter is on the way. Currently, my wife and I run Fiume Bush Camp together while living on my family farm. In addition, we raise cattle, produce charcoal and firewood, and have a blog telling the story of our life in Africa: @jorn.olivia.bauersuchtfrau 

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If you have been inspired by the story of the Bushmen and would like to explore their knowledge and culture with Fiume Bush Camp, please email us. Mention how big your group is and when you would like to visit our tented camp, and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

Thank you for your Message. We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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